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about myself

Ikuya Hatano/Yoh Hatano(pen name).
Book writer.
Born 1967.10.10.Tokyo, Japan
Got a prize of novel for newcomer at 1985, become book writer.
Left Psychology department of Gakushuin-Unv.before graduation.(I was busy to write!).
Start to learn falconry about 1992.Authorized as traditional falconer at 1995.
Living with one wife, about 10 hawks/falcons 5 dogs 1 cat and other many lives in high-cold mountain area in Nagano Pref. Japan.

director of  The Society of Biosophia Studies 

 member of: 
  The Japanese Falconers' Association.
The British Falconers' Club
North American Falconers Association
Society for the Study of Human Animal Relations
The Herpetrogical Society of Japan
The Ornithological Society of Japan
Japan Ethological Society
Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
Japanese Study Group on Artificial Reproduction of Endangered Animals
Japanese Society of Thremmatology
Wild Bird Society of Japan
Mystery Writers of Japan
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of Japan

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